Leader in Maple Sugaring Industry since 1888




About Leader Evaporator:

Leader Evaporator Company, Inc. originated in Enosburg Falls, Vermont in 1888 for the purpose of manufacturing equipment for the production of maple syrup. In 1963 a group of individuals involved in the maple syrup industry formed a corporation to purchase the company. From that time the company has purchased several related businesses including the Geo. H. Soule Company of St. Albans, Vermont, the Vermont Evaporator Company of Ogdensburg, N.Y., the Springtech Reverse Osmosis Company of Springfield, Vermont and the G.H. Grimm Company of Rutland, Vermont. The combination of these businesses and product lines plus relationships with manufacturers and suppliers has given Leader access to the products and supplies needed to outfit all maple syrup producers from the largest commercial operation down to the backyard boiler. In addition, Leader sales and management personnel are themselves maple producers with years of "in the sugar house" experience. This experience assures customers that they are buying the right maple producing products to meet their particular needs.

A great product needs to be properly displayed and marketed and so Leader carries a complete line of supplies for maple syrup storage, packaging and shipment including cans, labels, bottles and caps.

In January 2006 Leader Evaporator moved to a new manufacturing and retail facility in Swanton, Vermont.  The new facility boosts 45,000 sf of manufacturing area and a 35,000 sf of showroom and store.  The move has hurled Leader into the twenty first century and the difference has shown, we are increasing products line and inventory levels.  We have moved the plastic tubing extrusion division to Swanton, and purchased a new extruder that allows us to make tubing at much higher speeds than before while continuing to extrude to the highest standards for performance and consistency, Leader pipeline has served producers well for many years.  We have also increased the maple manufacturing division by increasing the number of welders and upgrading the machines and tools that our trained welders use to produce the highest quality maple sugaring equipment on the market. 

Leader Evaporator is the largest U.S. manufacturer of equipment for the production of maple syrup. In addition our new headquarters in Swanton and our retail outlet in Rutland, Vermont, the company has a dealer network covering all areas of the Northeast and upper Midwest where maple trees grow. Evaporators manufactured by the company incorporate state-of-the-art technology including fully welded lead-free systems, high fuel efficiency and automated controls. Maple syrup quantity and quality of production can be maximized at reduced costs using the company's reverse osmosis and vacuum technology.


Ownership of the company is a tribute to the company's dedication to the maple industry and consists of 26 stockholders each of whom is associated with the maple industry as a producer, syrup packager, equipment dealer or company employee. Each Leader stockholder has a vested interest in the success of the company and the satisfaction of its customers.