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Here you will find equipment manuals and instructions for much of the equipment that we sell. If you do not see what you are looking for please email nola@leaderevaporator.com and she will try to get you what you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the containers you sell full of syrup?

    No, we do not sell maple syrup products. All the containers we sell are empty.

  • How many bottles in a case?

    We have included the case lot information for all containers with their product descriptions.

  • Do the bottles come with caps?

    Yes, all the containers we sell come with caps. If you purchase in cases, the right number of caps should come with the case. We strive to count the caps accurately, however mistakes do happen from time to time, if you do not receive the right number of caps, please call us immediately and we will ship them to you right away.

  • Can I buy extra caps?

    Yes, extra caps are available. They are sold by the each in the Container category.

  • How many caps in a bag?

    The number of caps per bag is dependent of the number of bottles per case. We have added the case quantities as part of the information available with the bottles. If you are still unsure please contact us.

  • Do I need a wool or synthetic filter?

    There is no difference in filtering quality between the two. The difference is in the material and the construction of the filter. The wool filter is a natural fiber. It is shaped into the "hat" form using steam and a mold. The hanging loops are sewn on after the steaming process. The synthetic filters are man made fibers. The material is produced in flat sheet and is cut and sewn to obtain the "hat" shape. The hanging loops are sewn on after the seam. The seam around the outside of the filter makes it a bit harder to turn inside out for cleaning. The biggest difference between the two is the price. The wool has always been more expensive than synthetic. In the end the decision is up to you, I have personally used both and found no difference in the way my syrup filtered. If you are on a budget and have a few extra minutes, the synthetic filter may be the right choice for you. Some people will get one of each and make their own conclusions. -Nola *Update* Wool filters are longer available. While researching purchasing options we were informed that the wool filters are not FDA approved for food use. We realize that sugarmakers have been using them for decades without harm, however industry trends led us to discontinue selling this product.

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