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Leader 7/16" - 5/16" Plastic Spout Adapter

Leader 7/16" - 5/16" Plastic Spout Adapter
The plastic spout adapter is made to convert a 7/16" tubing spout to a 5/16" tubing spout by installing a new tip onto the existing stubby or standard 7/16" spout.  The adapter offers a chance to replace the tip each year which will limit the effects of bacteria in the tap hole.  Bacteria is what ultimately closes tap holes and old tubing or fittings will offer immediate infection, shortening the season.  A new tip will help to limit the immediate infection so that the season is prolonged and production increased.  A new tip in the hole will also reduce leaks at the tap hole because the new tip is still perfectly round, where as older spouts may have gone slightly out of round over time creating a potential leak.  The adapter is made to be tapped into the tree using light wrist taps from a hammer.  The hole in the maple tree should be 5/16" in diameter and drilled approximately 1-1/2" deep into the tree.  The plastic spout adapter only drives into the tree 3/8"-5/8" into the tree.  Once the spout adapter is installed into the tree the 7/16" spout or stubby spout should be pushed into the cup on the adapter with a quarter twist.  A light wrist tap may be needed from a hammer if the adapter is leaking during use.  DO NOT OVERDRIVE THE ADAPTER INTO THE TREE because it may cause the tree to split, which creates a leak, and increases the damage done to the tree.
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