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Vacuum Releaser Combo #6

Vacuum Releaser Combo #6

9 hp Gas Vacuum Pump with Cooler Kit

 Belt driven by a 9.0 HP Honda engine. Some customers may want to add an auxiliary fuel tank for increased running times between fill-ups.  Electric Start

These Rotary Vein vacuum pump systems are driven by belt and pulley from a gas motor and come with an oil reclaiming system to be installed on the exhaust of the vacuum pump.  Unlike traditional drip oiling systems found on most rotary vein pumps the flood system injects a stream of oil into the housing to create additional lubrication, cooling, and higher vacuum.

  • Vacuum levels  up to 27+ inches
  • Reclaims 95% of the oil
  • No Heated Rooms or Constant Water Supply required
  • Designed for the intense 24 hour usage of today's maple syrup producer

Double Vertical Sap Releaser

  • 2,500 tap max
  • 2 - 12' x 18" tanks
  • Manifold Inlets: 6

BHR Releasers are the maple sugaring industries most reliable sap extractor.  The mechanical action works off of floats and vacuum so that no electricity is required to run the releaser.  As sap fills the main canister the float within the canister will activate the vacuum piston which works the mechanism and allows the sap collected from you tubing system to be released into the maple sap storage tank.  The easy to use manifolds on the back of each releaser make it easy to install multiple mainlines or wet dry lines from your maple sap tubing system into the dumper.  Each of the manifolds also features a 1/4" hole tapped with female pipe thread (fpt) for installation of a vacuum gauge.  We highly recommend installing ball valves and quick couplings on each incoming line so that the unit can be disconnected and removed for off-season storage and cleaning, as well as diagnosing leaks in the maple sap tubing system.

Vacuum Releaser Combo #6
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