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Vortex Wood Fired Arch

Vortex Wood Fired Arch


This is the best wood-fired arch in the maple industry, offering you the flexibility of boiling at the highest rates available, or tome it down a bit and be ultra-fuel efficient, the choice is yours. Nothing on the market can match the combination of intensity and even distribution of heat this arch offers.  The VORTEX will burn clean, is easy to fire, and is easy to make consistent syrup with raw sap or high concentrate. The Vortex comes insulated with multiple layers of 2600 degree ceramic blanket and requires easy installation of our new cast refractory panels in the combustion chamber and under the smoke stack.  A massive combustion chamber is fueled by primary and secondary air under controlled rotation to optimize the burn of your wood, and distribute the BTU’s evenly, and efficiently to the evaporator pans.  The unique step in the back of the arch is a spark trap, and draft control.