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Leader Pro Series Evaporator

Leader Pro Series Evaporator

Leader Pro Series Evaporator is the most efficient evaporator series we offer.  The Leader Pro Series offers the maximum evaporation rate with the ability to customize evaporation rates to your operational needs.  The Leader Pro is built for the advanced Sugarmaker!

Leader Pro comes with the following features:

  • Fuel of Choice: Vortex Wood, Reverse Fired Oil, or Reverse Fired Gas (natural or propane)
  • Max Flue Pan: Raised or Combo
  • Reversible Cross Flow Syrup Pan
  • Enhanced Steam-Away
  • Stainless Steel Hoods
  • Leader Smart Draw System

The following options come standard with the Leader Pro:

  • Oil or gas fired option include burners
  • Insulating material for Arches
  • Stainless Steel Steam and Smoke Stacks
  • Stainless Steel Roof Jacks
  • Stainless Steel Stack Covers
  • Steam-Away Access panels
  • View Ports
  • Lights
  • Dial Thermometers
  • Defoamer  Dripper
  • Rail Gaskets
  • Poly Carb Sight Tubes
  • Full Access doors in Syrup Hood