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Plastic Filter Press

Plastic Filter Press

All New Clear Plastic Filter Press!!

See syrup going through your press and know when the frames are filling, needing to be changed!

This project has been 4 years in development as we refined the design of this unique press.  We feel this is the best plate and frame press on the market with some huge advanatages over the aluminum presses offered in the past.

  • The unique stainless steel screens used instead of waffle plates offer superior support to the papers during filtering, meaning it is very difficult to rupture papers if the press is assembled correctly.
  • The plastic does not absorb heat from your syrup, keeping the press hot, even when filtering small batches.  the press will remain only warm tot he touch, and can often be handled with bare hands (just don't touch the S/S screens that are recessed in the plates).
  • The bank is built with 100% Food Grade Materials!!!


Price: $2,700.00