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The Magical Maple Tree

The Magical Maple Tree
Created for young children, The Magical Maple Tree takes pre-school and early grades on a nine minute virtual trip to a sugarwoods in maple country.  The legends of the native peoples, the history , the art of maple production, old methods and modern technology, the nutritional benefits of the natural maple product compared with imitation and artificial choices, are told by two story tellers, Zoe and Isabelle, who are themselves, children.

Young people will catch the excitement that rises wit the sap during sugaring season, and they will be introduced to the back drop of pristine mountains and forests that are the scenery for the colorful activities that surround maple sugaring.

The Magical Maple Tree will not only teach children the subject matter, concept and scientific magic of maple sugaring, but they will learn about the hard work that produces this wonderful, natural product, and the ways in which families work together to make their maple syrup.

The DVD prepares a young audience for an educational trip to a maple sugarhouse and sugarbush.  Teachers may use the video as an introduction to learning experiences in natural science, math, geography, history, and the lanquage arts.  Background music by noted folksinger Margaret MacArthur and the children of the Circle of Courage After School Program, Swanton, VT, enhances the story.  A guide of the video, which address maple vocabulary and concepts, and suggests integrated learning opportunities for young children, is included with the jacket.
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