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Revolution Set of Pans - Leader Evaporator Recommended

Revolution Set of Pans from Leader Evaporator
Developed and unveiled in 2000 by Leader Evaporator the Revolution Evaporator has quickly become our most popular style for the serious producers whether it's a hobby or a commercial operation.  Available in a full range of sizes from 2x6 up to 6x18 with a list of advantages making it truly revolutionairy, but one coment stands alone from all it's users:

"That is so nice to operate, it's so easy."

Revolution Advantages
    • A reversable flow system means no down time in the sugar house, the flow can be change during peak boil, which will limit the build up of niter and sugar sand.
    • Operate the evaporator from exclusively one side maximizes space in the sugar house.  This makes setting up filtering, canning, and entertaining visitors easy.
    • Flow reversal is executed with 4 valves without taking a single step.
    • Syrup is always drawn from the exact same valve.
    • Only the syrup pan flow is reversed which limits darkening and mixing that can lead to larger, darker batches of maple syrup
    • All solid sanitary stainless steel fittings with heavy duty clamps and gaskets.
    • No messy, time consuming pan changes during the boil.

With the revolution all liquid from the flue pan comes to the same spot and with the combination of 4-6 lengthwise compartments and one cross compartment at the back of the syrup pan closest to the flue pan, flow is easily changed.  The two available syrup compartments are the cross compartment at the back of the pan, and the lengthwise compartment closest to the draw-off.

Leader highly recommends the Revolution Evaporator, and it is the evaporator of choice by our maple syrup producing employees at home.  This is what one of the largest maple syrup producers in the United States has to say about the Revolution Evaporator:

"The revolution pans have helped us increase our efficiency and allows us to control and operate the evaporator from one side only." - Dan Branon

Revolution Set of Pans - Leader Evaporator Recommended