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Patriot Raised Flue Set of Pans from Leader Evaporator

The Patriot Raised Flue Set of Pans by Leader
Available in sizes from 2x6 up to 6x18.  Also available with the MAX Flue Pan.

A raised flue set of pans modeled after the Grimm Lighting, the Patriot evaporator is made up of a raised flue back pan, and a multiple compartment syrup pan in front.  The reversable flow system has two floats for the ultimate in liquid level control.

The flue pan float regulates the sap level above the 7-1/2 inch deep (Max flue is 11-1/2 inches deep).  The flues are entirely above the rails of the arch (except for max combo flue) keeping them clear of wood being fired into the arch.  Flow in the flue pan is reversed with a single plug in the external sap regulator box.

The syrup pan also has a float that installs in the large draw-off boxes on each side of the pan.  Multiple petitions divide the pan into 4 (24"-48" wide pans) or 6 (60" and 72" wide pans) compartments.  As sap travels from one side to the other through the compartments maple sap is finished into maple syrup.  Once the bottom of the outside compartment  where syrup is being finished (the syrup compartment) begins to coat with a layer of niter or sugar sand the flow is easily reversed by changing two valves, moving the syrup pan float from one side to the other and changing the reversal plug in the float box of the flue pan.  This reversal process should be done before each boil, and as needed during the boil (can be as often as every 2-6 hours).

Superior liquid level control with a quicker response to changing liquid depthes in both pans makes the Patriot evaporator popular with all types of maple syrup producers from large to small.
Patriot Raised Flue Set of Pans from Leader Evaporator