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American Drop Flue Evaporator from Leader Evaporator

American Drop Flue Evaporator from Leader Evaporator
Available in sizes from 2x6 up to 6x18.

Traditional to the United States this drop flue style evaporator is modeled after the king evaporator with a drop flue back pan, and a multiple compartment syrup pan in front.  A reverable flow system, the american set of pans has two plugs that change the flow of liquid through the pans and allows the sugar maker the ability to switch draw-off sides in order to reduce niter and sugar sand build up which forms over time.  Because the 7-1/2 inch deep flues in the flue pan hang entirely below the arch rails a single float on the outside of the flue pan controls the liquid depth throughout the entire evaporator.  The 15 inch tall sides on the flue pan help to control the viscious boil that is generated in many high efficiency arches.

The syrup pan has multiple petitions that divide the pan into 4 (24" - 48" wide pans) or 6 (60" and 72" wide pans) lengthwise compartments.  As the maple sap travels across the flat bottom syrup pan through the designated compartment cut-outs it will continue to evaporate until in the final compartment the maple sap is finished into maple syrup.  That is why we refer to the outside compartments of the syrup pan as the syrup compartments.

The american evaporator is a time tested system that has worked for generations.  Simple to operate and highly efficient with no down time once the boiling day has started.  Flow reversal, or side changes should be made to start each day, and then as needed during the boil to keep the pan from building up enough to cause scorching on the bottom of the pan (may be as often as every 2-6 hours in some cases).
American Drop Flue Evaporator from Leader Evaporator