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Leader Style Natural Draft Wood Fired Arch

Leader Style Natural Draft Wood Fired Arch
Available in all sizes from 2'x4' up to 6'x18'

The traditional shape of a maple syrup evaporator arch, the natural draft wood fired arch features a heavy duty cast iron front, back, and smoke stack collar.  The sides of the arch are made from flat sheet metal in either galvanized steel, or stainless steel.  All natural draft wood fired arches come complete with the heavy duty cast iron grates, designed for longevity and maximum air flow.   Twice the evaporators length in smoke stack is also included with an option of galvanized steel or stainless steel and features a base stack that is 3-6 feet tall and multiple 3 foot sections of round stack to complete the stack.

All wood fired arches require insulation once in place.  We recommend using only 3000 degree fire bricks and refractory cement to ensure ample insulating value to protect the sides of the arch and maximize performance.

Galvanized steel vs Stainless steel:
With the intense heat generated from an arch the galvanized coating on the steel can easily be burned off, exposing the raw steel.  This exposure will cause the galvanized to begin rusting and shorten the longevity of the steel.

Stainless steel has anti-corosion properties that will help to limit the effects of heat and rust that happen to galvanized steel.  Stainless steel sides and stack will last at least 3-5 times longer than galvanized steel.  Stainless steel also offers a sleek, shiny appearance that makes every sugar house look like a show place.

Leader Style Natural Draft Wood Fired Arch