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Round Smoke Stack (stove pipe)

Round Smoke (exhaust) Stack
Comes in sizes from 6 inches in diameter up to 24 inches in diameter.

Round stove pipe style smoke stack for exhausting the unburned gases and excess heat from the arch of a maple syrup evaporator.  All of our smoke stack is made from either galvanized steel or stainless steel and comes seamed together with a crimp on one end and a beed on the other for quick sturdy installation.  All smoke stack comes in 3 foot high sections.

Leader recommends a wood fired evaporator has a minimum of twice the length of the evaporator in stack height (ie. 4x12 evaporator has 24 feet of stack), and an oil fired evaporator has 18 feet of total stack height.  In all cases smoke stack should clear the peak of the roof and be unobstructed by any surrounding trees.

Why Buy Stainless?
Stainless steel has a much longer life expectancy than galvanized smoke stack.  The highly corosive carbon buildup on the inside of smoke stack, mixed with moisture will break down the galvanized stack, and the excessive heat generated from a maple syrup evaporator will compromize the protective galvanized coating, exposing the raw steel.  This will cause rust to begin to form and eventually holes will develop within the smoke stack.  With stainless steel this process is extremely slow because the material is not coated, it has natural inhibitors to stop rusting and corosion.  Stainless steel stacks will last 3-5 times longer than a galvanized smoke stack. 
Round Smoke Stack (stove pipe)