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Air Blower Systems for Wood Fired Arches

Within a wood fired evaporator a steady supply of oxygen is needed in order to properly burn all of the gases being released by the wood.  By introducing large volumes of air from under the grates, and forcing that air up through the wood turbulence is generated, increasing the rate at which BTU's are generated and making a much more intense heat from the wood supply.  These systems should reduce the black smoke from a wood fire by burning more of the gases inside the arch and utilizing the BTU's to increase the boiling rate.  Because more of the available BTU's are being burned, less wood will be used to generate the evaporation rate.

We have two different systems available for adding air to your wood fired arch listed below.

Instruction Manual
Grimm Woodsaver
Air Blower Systems for Wood Fired Arches
The grimm woodsaver is an inexpensive way to increase your wood fired maple syrup evaporator's performance.  This specially designed blower and duct work comes with a variable speed fan with speed control.  You will increase the BTU output of your wood by burning more of the gases within the evaporator, and reducing the amount of wood burned during the season.  Works with your convential grates and front, just adjust the volume of air with the speed control to your liking.  We recommend a seperate on/off switch also be wired in series with the speed control.

Available in for sizes to fit all wood fired arches:
Model A - 2x4 and 2x6 evaporators
Model B - 2x8, all 30" wide evaporators, 3x8 and 3x10 evaporators
Model C - 3x12, and all 40" (or 42") wide evaporators
Model E - 4 foot wide evaporators and larger
Leader Forced Draft Unit
Air Blower Systems for Wood Fired Arches
Boil Faster. Use Less Wood.  Evaporator efficiency starts from the ground up.  This is the most efficient way to increase you wood fired evaporator's boiling rate.  The Leader Forced Draft Unit is a complete system with specially designed air grates for optimal turbulence and an even burning fire.  The massive amounts of air available will be sure to clean up your burn, and optimize performance by generating up to 20 percent more BTU's, and reducing wood consumption by 30 percent or more.  With speed controls for the blower/s the intensity of your fire is adjustable to your liking.

We highly recommend that an Insulated Air-tight front be used with the Leader Forced Draft Unit so that the blowers may be turned up for optimal performance.

With a Leader Forced Draft Unit you will have little, to no ash build up under the grates because the wood is burned so completely.  This system is available to fit all natural draft wood fired arches 30 inches wide and larger of any style.

You will save time, wood, and money.