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Stainless Steel Anvil Tubing Cutter

Stainless Steel Anvil Tubing Cutter

This Stainless Steel Blade Anvil Tubing Cutter is the perfect combination of durability and effortless minimal weight, just right for light pruning and trimming of dry, dead or hardened stems and small branches. Designed to deliver a versatile 1/2-Inch cutting capacity, the stainless steel blades resist corrosion if you happen to put this Tubing Cutter away while its still damp or accidentally leave it outside overnight. The Fiber Comp fiberglass composite handles are also unfazed by dampness and demanding use. Plus, they work equally well with left or right hand and have a built-in hanging circle for convenient storage. A safety catch keeps jaws together for safe transport between those enthusiastic trimming sessions. And a lifetime warranty means you can be sure you'll be getting smooth, clean cuts from these Tubing Cutters tomorrow, next season and years from now.

·        Rugged-but-lightweight anvil Tubing Cutter with sharp, rust-resistant stainless steel blades

·        1/2-Inch cutting capacity; anvil blade design ideal for clean cuts of dry, dead or hardened growth

·        Corrosion-resistant, precision-ground stainless steel blade holds its sharp edge longer

·        Fiber Comp handles are light, rust-proof and-Ounce-for-Ounce stronger than steel

·        Lifetime warranty

Price: $16.50