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Hydrometers for testing Density of Maple Sap and Maple Syrup

Which hydrometer is right for you?

When to use a Sap Hydrometer:
  • to determine the sugar content of raw sap
  • to buy or sell raw sap

Many producers like to use the sap hydrometer to determine the sugar content of the sap. They use this information to complete the formula in the Jones Rule.  Jones' Rule states that 86 divided by the sugar content  will determine the number of gallons of sap required to make one gallon of syrup.

When to use a Syrup Hydrometer:

  • To determine the sugar content of boiled down sap (syrup)
  • To determine if the liquid you are boiling down is finished.
The proper density of Maple Syrup is 59% Brix or 32% Baume.